Synology WD SMR issue. But in my case, WD gave me only 1year warranty for the Mycloud product (to include the WD RED drives), so shucking after the 1 year, warranty is irrelevant. However, it seems that the hard drives are Whites as opposed to Red. There is a similar problem mentioned on a Synology Forum where a user added 6TB WD Red [WD60EFAX] drive to a RAID setup using three WD Red 6TB drives [WD60EFRX] in SHR1 mode. Top. It's referred to as a "WD White" for its white label, but it is generally considered a relabeled Red. Shucking often will save you a lot of money but you have to decide at what price point it is worth it for you. I could get 4 x 4TB My Books for my secondary NAS and 2 x 4TB retail ERFX's for the primary (for the warranty) and save £57. : DataHoarder 8TB WD MyBook shucking results : DataHoarder Conclusion All in all I am pretty happy with the … Concu55i0n22. Learn More. The white version certainly performs the same as the red and it would make sense that WD would rebadge reds to stop them being shucked and sold for a higher price on places like eBay. Therefore it is important that you buy drives of 8TB or more if you're interested in shucking. For the Canadian Elements drive, many owners have reported that the drives are white label, helium-filled, 256 MB cache, 5400 rpm, and TLER enabled. My personal observation: there is a 42.8% chance of getting the familiar Red drive. March 18, 2019 Moisés Cardona Comments 5 comments. They went into my NAS. By themselves, these drives can run up to $300, so by buying this, you're getting a high-quality HDD in a nondescript external enclosure. HDD's & SSD's. Recently announced WD Red 5,400RPM 512MB cache. It makes sense they might be winding down 12TB production for the new 14TB model. The drives are extensively tested for compatibility and reliability in the demanding operating environment of a 24x7 NAS system. Shucking Opening 8TB WD Elements External Hard Drive HDD White Label Red Same Red Drives!? The Western Digital Easystore is the most popular drive for shucking. It's sought after by many r/datahoarder folks because it often (but not always) contains a WD Red 8TB drive which can be "shucked" and used in a home server among other similarly shucked Easystore drives. I found that it … In either case, at this time WD 10TB Red NAS drives are going for over $300, so these Easystore drives are an excellent price. I recently just shucked my first WD 8TB Easystore and despite what I have read on the internet, I don't believe my "White label" 8TB drive is a WD Red drive. Different label, same Red Drive. As it regularly goes on sale it is a very cheap method to pickup large amounts of reliable storage. WD easyshare 8TB (WD Red) Shucking. Shucking 8TB WD Easystores. Back in 2011, we discussed the value of a hard drive warranty versus shucking drives from external devices like this. That spec allows for pin 3 to cause a hard reset of the drive if voltage is applied. Shucking western digital elements reliability Shucking western digital elements reliability. data via something like SmartmonTools, even before shucking and search the model numbers to see what the drive actually is. At least, people were, as of up to a few months ago, "shucking" WD 8GB MyBook Desktop externals, to get their He8 drives out of them, and I myself shucked four Seagate Expansion Desktop External 5TB drives, to get the desktop 5TB "DM" drives out of them. There’s a whole subreddit pretty much about this, r/DataHoarder (of course there is). nimbu , 30 Apr 2020 A+ would shuck again. If that's the case I would expect a new/replacement 12TB Red consumer model, WD120EFFX, perhaps also a firmware-limited WD140EFFX. Some early batches contained an even more expensive drive, a HGST (formerly Hitachi, now owned by WD) enterprise-grade 7200RPM drive. Print view; Display: Sort by: Direction: 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. … However, on the white labels, it still is the 256mb cache and the specs seem to be the same. The drive itself is the special part. Some folks have problems with the white drives as they are built to latest SATA spec 2.3. Hope it helps you guys in getting some cheap white label reds (256mb cache)! I’m still ambivalent on the future of my HTPC. I am on the look out for a new 12TB hard drive and have just come across "shucking". I do also have a WD 8TB RED drive that I'm almost certain is a CMR that could be used to backup at least some of the stuff from the NAS. I imagine manufacture cost is the same and it would simplify production. With all the recent controversy regarding WD, Toshiba, and Seagate slipping SMR drives into retail channels and failing to disclose the use of their slower technology, we thought it would be interesting to dive into the actual impact of using a SMR drive. I just picked up two more 8TB WD Easystore externals from Best Buy, that makes four total and I plan to replace the 4x3TB pool in my second FreeNAS box with the 4x8TB. Conclusion. In CIFS configuration the drive saw a read score of 1.03GB/s and a write score of 1.14GB/s placing it in the middle read and on the lower end in write. Hi everyone, Today, I’ll show you the process of shucking the WD Elements 10TB External Hard Drive that I got the last 2 weeks. I always get the WD externals during big sales which occur frequently, so, I am usually saving $60 to $100 per drive over the internal equivalent. The video shows how to open the enclosure without breaking it and shuck the drive in great detail. I got mine from Best Buy on sale for $169.99, which seems like a good deal when compared to other WD Red 8TB hard drives and the $299.99 shelf price. The WD Red 10TB had the best overall read score with 1.76GB/s in iSCSI. I just picked up a WD 8TB easyshare, as Best Buy USA was having a sale for $180, and the drive is a WD Red. There is no way he said of knowing that they are WD RED. If you didn't know, the hard drive in this product are Western Digital Red NAS units. Hardware. Meanwhile, there is a Best Buy sale on a certain external 10TB WD drive, which people say can be easily taken apart to free the internal 3.5" disk within. I need to overhaul storage, currently got my eye on 12tb elements drives as the sweet spot at 209 each. The WD Elements (BB Canada) and WD Easystore (BB USA) are reported to contain white label versions of the WD reds. Post Reply. If you want to save money, shuck some 12TB WD External drives, they have been decent lately. Raid 1 mirror, Do you have 2 x 14TB? This allows for cheaper NAS builds. WD Red drives are built for up to 8-bay NAS systems.” The drives are suitable for RAID configurations. But my 10TB is full, so I might as well take a weekend and play around shucking a drive and upgrading my system. If money isn’t an issue, look for WD Red Plus @ 5400rpm. Shucking external drives to get at the red NAS drives within tends to be much cheaper than buying internal drives directly. Shucking a WD elements external drive for Synology. Lately, WD has been slapping white-label stickers on these things. But since standard internal drives aren’t getting lower than ~$30/TB, maybe I should try shucking. ... s Barracuda series). If noise is a concern, DO NOT buy Enterprise drives or 7200rpm drives. I am going to be using … 30 Jun '18 “Shucking” refers to removing the drives from external HDDs, because often it’s cheaper than buying the drive directly. WD Red is the only hard drive designed for NAS systems that have 1-5 drive bays. External drives tend to go on sale more often which is what prompted me to pick up two WD 8TB easystore drives for $159.99 each (thank you, r/datahorder for the price alert). By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. By grangervoldemort August 6, 2019 in Storage Devices. The drive saw the lowest write score in iSCSI with 1.4GB/s. You can check the S.M.A.R.T. The WD representative’s wording about the suitability of SMR for archival purposes brings up the question of the WD “White” drives that are included in external USB storage offerings. Some people have said these are retail-Reds vs non-retail-Reds. Cheers, the model of the WD external drives is what I was looking for, I can get a WD My Book 4TB for £92.54 from Amazon whereas the cheapest I can find a retail WD40EFRX is £106 from AWD-IT. Then I shucked my WD My Book drive that is one of the white label Red drives running at 5400rpm.
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