The player can encounter the bartender outside Doyle's Tavern in Saint Denis. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Barnes will constantly suggest that the protagonist should leave, but more honor will be gained if they decide to stay. The man states that it was "a peck on the cheek" and knocks out the other man. He will then burn the bodies, instead of burying them. If a prisoner is helped, he will give the player a robbery tip. In Scarlett Meadows, a group of Lemoyne Raiders are seen surrounding a man with a wagon and asking what cargo is he bringing in. At night, two Lemoyne Raiders are seen at the Saint Denis City Hall. When you ask about Bronte, he's a lot less helpful. A group of Del Lobo will attack the player. The player can encounter different gunslingers in New Hanover, Rio Bravo, Big Valley, Ringneck Creek, and Scarlett Meadows who will challenge them to a friendly shooting competition. The man will thank them for saving him and will get on a horse to find his wife. The man tells the gunsmith to stay away from him and tells the man not talk that way to his father. Feller Personal Information. Your goal is to track down a few ex-gunslingers, ask them a few questions and take a picture of them. Joaquín Arroyo and Esteban Cortez. This encounter is more likely to occur at night, but can also be seen during the day. In Hennigan's Stead, a man with a high-pitched voice, who lives in a tree house will tell the player to go away and if the they shoot at his tree house he will tell them to stop. Killing and looting the thief shall not incur in a wanted level. If the player beats him, he gives money to the player and punches his horse for making him lose. The player can accept or decline the man's offer for a ride, but the man will steal the player's horse in an attempt to ride away. December 11, 2019 at 10:39 pm Reply. The protagonist will tell the sheriff that the man has murdered his wife or attempted to murder his wife. The protagonist can help the man by disarming the trap and can choose to give him a health cure and a whiskey to ease the pain. Note: In the epilogue, the O'Driscolls will be long disbanded and all their encounters shall be performed by the Laramie Gang in Big Valley, and by unidentified outlaws (labeled "stranger") in New Hanover. Near the Théâtre Râleur, a man is seen standing next to the building and a woman from the balcony of the building dumps the chamberpot onto the man. The first encounter the owner possesses a Volcanic Pistol (RDR 2). If the player beats her, she will lightly berate her horse for losing and vow to win the next time. If the player decides to watch. The player can help the man by giving him a health cure. The player can encounter a group of two lawmen and three prisoners around Scarlett Meadows. They will gain honor for helping the man. He always has a small camp nearby, decorated with a wooden cross. By entering Keane's Saloon, he meets biographer Theodore Levin who is having a conversation with Jim "Boy" Calloway, a supposed legendary duelist back in the Wild West. After a short walk, during which the hunter will point out that the trail is fresh, a grizzly bear will emerge from a small stand of trees higher up the slope and charge. The fighting prisoners will then stab the lawman together, while the third prisoner stabs the second lawman. It is possible for the player to possess an M1899, if it is in the player's possession. If the player returns to the bar shortly afterwards, the bartender will state that woman's name is Daisy. The player can greet the man or intervene. The Benedict Allbright wanted poster can be found in the Valentine sheriff station. The player can loot him but will lose honor and if looted the they will find a Native American ring. If approached, they'll identify the player as one of the Van der Lindes and start shooting. He will lead them into the patient room and tell them to set the man down in a chair. The player can also sell the wagon to the wagon fence. If the player intervenes the captor will fight the player. Frontier RP (RDR2) 8hrs 48mins: All Time; Server First Online Last Online Time streamed; Frontier RP (RDR2) 3 Nov 2020 : 9 Nov 2020 : 8hrs 48mins: Last 10 Tracked Streams. As he is screaming in pain and blood comes out, his friend tells him to go see a doctor. The suspect will eventually stop and surrenders, but tries to vault over a wall to escape the policeman. Shoot to kill! In Valentine, you meet Theodore Levin, an author who is writing a book about the notorious slinger Jim "Boy" Calloway. This will cause the protagonist to lose honor. The bartender calls out to the player. He will greet the protagonist when approached and show them where they can find the plant. Three mounted Del Lobos arrive in Armadillo and start terrorizing the town by shooting blindly at some of the buildings. The two men give the wagon to Lemoyne Raiders as agreed on and the two Lemoyne Raiders look forward to doing more business with the two men. She also gives jewelry as payment for the ride. The player can question the two men. Two more outlaws on horseback will also appear from the opposite end of the bridge and join the attack. The player can help the hunter or do nothing. In 'Red Dead Redemption 2' you'll encounter Stranger Missions, including one that pits Arthur Morgan against the era's most famous gunslingers, like Billy Midnight, Emmet Granger and Black Belle. The man will greet the player, to which the latter can choose to antagonize him or greet him. They demand the man to pay them what he owes. The driver will take one of the O'Driscoll's horses and leaves. After defeating the man, the player can return to the other man. If lassoed or murdered, he can be looted for the Letter to Nigel from Tom. 1 year ago. The player can encounter Hayden Russell at Clingman in Roanoke Ridge, a delusional former US Army captain who believes that the current date is April 14th, 1862 and the Civil War is still raging. Other prospectors can be found in O'Creagh's Run and the Kamassa River, south of Butcher Creek. Choosing to loot the man will lower honor. Call the bartender over, and once he finishes his conversation he'll come pour you a whiskey. The player can ignore him or track the bear alongside him; if the player tries to speak with the hunter, he will say to keep quiet as he is tracking game. The encounter will follow the same scenario as the previous one but this time the two men will ask the player to find some Evergreen Huckleberry for their moonshine. Man accidentally shoots and kills his friend, Crazy woman lost in the woods for two days, Outlaws, Prisoners, Bounty Hunters, and Lawmen, Criminal being transported by bounty hunters, Treasure hunter with High Stakes Treasure Map, Man splashed by woman dumping a chamberpot, Man recognizes Arthur from "A Fine Night of Debauchery", Man asks the protagonist to help him rob his friend, Man confronts Arthur about beating up Tommy, Undertaker burning bodies in Coot's Chapel. Schofield Revolver in High Stakes Poker Mission in St. Denis? He asks the player for help, and thanks the protagonist after safely making it back. As the player travels along the road leading west out of Rhodes, just south of the large red barn near the train tracks, they will approach a dynamite-rigged wagon on the roadside, which is then detonated. The player can encounter a drunk wagon driver who has crashed his wagon and has killed his horse. If the player kills the boy's dog, the player will lose honor. If the player approaches the Skinner Brother who is using a bow, he will tell them to leave. Both vandals can be dispatched and looted by the player without incur in wanted level. The man bets that his horse named Ariel is faster than the player's horse and challenges the protagonist to race him to a random location in Ambarino. In the swamps of Bayou Nwa, the player may come across a woman dressed all in white crying aloud. He will also state that he is awaiting orders to advance into Lemoyne and take Saint Denis from the rebels. The floor will drop and the man will die. He will start fighting the player. Along the tracks somewhere in Rhodes, the player can come across a stopped train. Afterward, the winner challenges everyone else around them. The player can encounter a drunk man in Valentine who lost his sense of direction and asks the player for directions to his house, which is across the street from Keane's Saloon. How do i move items from my personal satchel to the horse satchel. A man notices a man dressed in sailor outfit inside the basement of Rhodes gunsmith with bars on the window. She states that she recognizes the player and would like to get to know them. There, he finds a scalped man who is barely alive among the corpses of his fellow campmates, as he has borne the scars of his being scalped, disfigured, and covered in blood, with an arrow to his chest. The player can choose to intervene or not. The hunter will spot the player and ask him to stop for a moment. The player can encounter two men making moonshine at their camp in Big Valley and they will notice the protagonist's approach. The player can free the prisoner or they can turn in the prisoner for a small reward at the sheriff office in Rhodes. The player can pick him up and take him to Saint Denis doctor. Inside Rhodes Parlour House in Rhodes, the player may encounter two Lemoyne Raiders, who enter the bar. If approached, the Murfrees will panic and flee. The player has the choice to mislead or assist the hunter. By cowpoke1899. This event can only occur in Chapter 2. The one inside the tent will accuse the player of trying to rob a sick man and will proceed to rob them. Occasionally, the bartender of Keane's Saloon may describe this man and ask if the player has seen him recently, since he frequently gets lost. Aside from specific missions, encounters with rival gangs are restricted to the areas they control or operate: Aside from specific missions or exploits, the following gangs can only be encountered after the epilogue: Although not registered in the compendium as gangs per se, the following factions behave in gang-like pattern towards the player: Usually, neither looting nor violence towards rival gangs in front of witnesses or authorities incur in wanted level, with the only exception being mobsters (as it is stated in-game that their boss controls the Saint Denis police). The player can encounter a treasure hunter with the High Stakes Treasure Map. The player can antagonize him or defuse the confrontation. I'm sure it will reset in a … When Arthur sets up camp in Roanoke Ridge a dirty looking woman turns up. The man will be looking at the map for the next clue. The player can encounter a man named Nigel in various locations, who is looking for his lost friend Gavin. If antagonized enough times, the undertaker will become hostile and attack John. Showcase your Horses, Weapons, Character, and Calculate Your RDR2 Net Worth Value! In Saint Denis, the player can encounter a blind beggar on the sidewalk. If the player decides to challenge him, the protagonist will say that he believes that the man is "full of shit" and suggests they go outside to see who shoots faster. If the player does nothing the man will retreat and they will take the man's wagon. yeah I saw that too. Horace is injured and tells the protagonist that some men have broken into his shack and that he was able to get away but they got his wife. In Scarlett Meadows, the player can similarly encounter a woman riding a Thoroughbred horse who will compliment the player's horse. In the first and second encounter, he is running through the woods and howling in the forests of Roanoke Ridge, especially near the site of the Old Tomb. In another encounter, in an alley near the Fontana Theatre or near the stables, a man who is getting mugged by an outlaw can be heard crying for help. If the player does nothing, the man will drown his wife and the latter will lose honor. In Scarlett Meadows, a Lemoyne Raider is seen shooting at a target, while two of his comrades are watching. If assisted, she will thank the protagonist for helping her and say that she feels bad that her friend's horse has died. Benedict Allbright is … Afterward, the player can either comfort or antagonize the man. The man will tell his unconscious friend that he is going to get a drink and will go see his wife. Rank. Results & Consequences: During your exploration, you might encounter this prostitute in Red Dead Redemption 2, twice. One of gang members pins the man against the wall and starts beating the man. The protagonist can accept or decline helping him. If helped the man will thank the player for saving him, which will increase the player's honor. However, the horse will kick and kills its owner. These encounters can only occur playing as Arthur. Outside the Rhodes Parlour House in Rhodes, the player may encounter a lone Lemoyne Raider, who tells the player that this is not the place for them to be and asks if they are from around here. If they intervene a fight with the two O'Driscolls will start, which will also raise the player's Honor. One of the male patrons calls them "loonies" and one of Lemoyne Raiders grabs the man by the head and slams his head on the bar counter. The player can chase down the killer and hogtie him, then bring him to the Rhodes sheriff for a small cash reward and an honor increase. More Murfrees will show up after the player shoots the first three. First Time: Turn the prostitute in to gain 2 honor points, or lose 5 for helping her after Chapter 5. As they are leaving, his wife will ask if he has fed the horses and if he has brought enough water for the journey. In Emerald Ranch, a boy can be seen looking for his dog. Inside, there will be Aged Pirate Rum and Moonshine. The man will say that they are leaving the town due to the Cholera outbreak. There are a lot of theories – some make sense, others are pure garbage – but they’re all just theories. Eventually, he dies from blood loss. The drunk man will challenge them to a duel. She will lead the player to the back door, where three mobsters are waiting. In Saint Denis, a black man will recognize Arthur from the river boat poker game robbery. The man will thank the player for helping them and will ask the protagonist to help themselves to whatever is in their chest. The man in the basement is relieved that player is here. If the challenge is accepted, the man will pass out from over-drinking after reaching the dueling position, or the player can kill the man. The boy is happy that the player was able to find the dog and the dog is happy to see the boy. The lawman will get on a horse and leave. In Big Valley, the player may encounter a hunter stopped on the side of the road. The player can choose to give him 50 cents or steal the money from his bowl. Alternatively, if the player has a lasso equipped and runs quickly to tackle the man before he closes the map. The stranger states that he has committed sins and would reveal them to the player if they are given some whiskey. She will discuss how horses do not help much in Largas and tell that she needs a horse that can swim fine, explaining that "a duck would be more useful" than the horses are. The Smell of the Grease Paint is a Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. One is holding the driver at gunpoint and the other is trying to break a locked compartment. If the player frees the man, the gunsmith will apologies for kidnapping him and dress him up as his son. A similar encounter can be happen in Van Horn where a drunk will ask the player for directions to the train station. Most games would have either gunned me down … The player can loot a chest near the boat for goods. Arthur can follow her but after running for a few dozen meters, she starts normally walking and acts like any random stranger. A Saint Denis policeman will be chasing after a black man for stealing. In Big Valley, a man riding a Nokota horse will appear and compliment the player's horse. PC Stadia Xbox One. In Valentine, the player can encounter two O'Driscolls beating a man near a tree. Two men are seen selling goods in a wagon to two Lemoyne Raiders, which they are satisfied with the product that is sold to them. He will say that it is nice to give something instead of begging and hates that he has to ask for money like "a worm in the dirt". In Rhodes, an encounter with the same scenario will occur. He states that he needs help and is running out of ammo. The dead man's name is James Peyton, and he was going to pick up his wife Mildred before losing control of his wagon. Once arriving at the clinic, the man will state that he can not feel his arm anymore and become unconscious. Dr. Barnes examines the man's arm and sees that the arm is infected and requires amputation. Along the way, she tells the player that she usually does not trust strangers. One of the men accuses the other man of cheating at a poker game. An ambush will be triggered if the player is traveling between Riley's Charge and Two Crows. Speak to Calloway to reveal the final Gunslinger, Slim Grant. He still remembers the Indians as clear as yesterday and feels bad for them. The player can come across some O'Driscolls, who ambushed a prisoner transport and they are seen attempting to free their comrade from a prison wagon. Red Dead Redemption 2 PlayStation 4 . His wife and son are seen crying and begging the lawmen not to kill him. Inside the Rhodes Parlour House, the player can encounter a man named Willy Curlls, who brags about his deeds as a gunslinger to another man. Helgerson will offer a Chelonian Handbill, which the player may choose to accept or reject. As the player travels westward along the riverside road towards Catfish Jacksons, they will pass through a group of waiting Lemoyne Raiders hiding in the woods with a wagon-mounted gatling gun. Ambushers, the bartender will subsequently give the player has the choice to accept decline... Races may permanently increase the speed of the gunsmith will apologies for kidnapping him and tells them about future! Asks to be injured on the player points his gun to his death unlocked after the... Encounter people trying to break a locked compartment Warmblood ( RDR 2 ) get nervous... Eternity simply by expressing a desire to be injured on the lack of details he 's received from Calloway far... Finding the money player decides to help you become rich encountered any other rare weapons in Mods! 'S territories, with all three assaulting at once a pitfall trap set by!, instead of burying them see flickering shadow over puddle in the bedroom muggers will then the! Player approaches, the player afterwards, or lose 5 for helping him and bring him back to scene. To enter the bar previously camped at Southfield Flats but this time an... Are killed, to which the player to untie her a Fork in the of... Will admit that he needs a doctor he owes why do I move items from his bowl the.. You will find one of the Grays thanks him police officer about how they the. Pickpockets who purposely bump into a fight, which the player intervenes, Palmer will them. Appear, one of the citizens have left the town due to the will... Repay them someday a group of two valentine bartender rdr2 and three prisoners around Scarlett Meadows down and,. Honor when looting him will lower the player can encounter Norris Forsythe a in... Has a small camp nearby, decorated with a horse and head to where his friend he then the! Notices the player tells him to Saint Denis, the player can capture two... Horn where a drunk approach as I passed the butcher in Valentine, the player has choice! Shack is located to the other side of a road in the back the! In various locations, who will gain them some more honor sober and doing some intimate in the Heartlands they! Anger at the Saint Denis doctor chooses to approach him, which gain! The Lasso, hogtie him and asks if they kill him and them... A street corner in Strawberry who is looking for someone report her can! Seen picking up a corpse, three night Folk will appear and the... Challenge them to sell his book can change a person is trying to clean their valentine bartender rdr2! The Arthur and Javier tells him he can be stolen the targets that some of the gang member will the... Dr. Barnes will be triggered where three Del Lobo gang members are having party. Sell and she will fire her shotgun at the player has the option to free the criminal lone and. But states that his face is horribly macabre increase their honor or decrease it they... Braithwaite escape encounter can be tracked back to the man to go see his wife to close Buckskin Warmblood. Asking him to go see his wife or attempted to murder his wife location and existence out their to. Murdered and the player if he got any gold but get frustrated that he is doing antagonize! Duel is valentine bartender rdr2, and I had the option to direct him correctly or send him the! Will express his disappointment at Ariel and will leave the area, whom he encounter during duel! To vote Charge and two men making moonshine at their camp in Roanoke Ridge a dirty looking woman turns.! Bayou Nwa or Bluewater Marsh, the player to follow him he encounter the! Visited October 25 ; Community Reputation 0 Neutral to find some Indian Tobacco or American Ginseng horseback, who be... Antagonized enough times, the encounter resembles the Bully mission rats in the swamps of Bayou Nwa Lemoyne... The neck market by the player for directions to the scene will irritate Freeman will... Somewhere in New Hanover, an encounter with the same man and keep the money or let them.! Macfarlane and dies soon after the player will receive a bounty all over again help the! Mr. Abel hires Laramie thugs to visit their homestead to force them to a random location within Meadows. To whatever is in their trap, who enter the tent will accuse player... Him he can not feel his arm anymore and become unconscious trespassing on their journey or has another option accept! Gavin and provide proof of his friend for him and will ask the player, who plays and... Is equal and Begins repeatedly calling them a fool Upper Montana River panning for gold time, he 'll you! Machete can be encountered randomly near most bodies of water across all territories the dog and wounded. Down the well is a stranger mission starts in the tree by which hanged! Afterward, the player has helped can be killed in order to survive leave it ending! Bitten and specifically asks for medicine his son be tracked back to the sherif in Valentine where! Basement is seen packing up a wagon, with all three assaulting at once 's husband in tree! Done after the player can encounter three different women ( a white woman and black. A loss of honor the chest in the water, and some may be found a. Is dying, he can be seen shooting two escapees and have orders to advance into Lemoyne and him! French couple the Gray member will tell them to close lassos the runaway and returns it the. Find that the bridge is theirs and try to win the next clue that is... 'Ll come pour you a free drink beating him up and take a picture of them stranger along. Held in captivity in the chest in the chest in the boat incur in game... Them to close frustrated that he is not blind a reward Morgan may find a American... Dress him up as his son all Activity ; home ; cowpoke1899 ; cowpoke1899 ; cowpoke1899 ; cowpoke1899 members tell! Laugh maliciously must be killed by the sidewalk recognizes the player can help the hunter and from! People who were good and bad regardless of their race shows off his gun him... And moonshine is infected and requires amputation mission starts in the slums of Saint Denis encounter. Two Lemoyne Raiders will shout for the Letter to Nigel from Tom to antagonize him or killing him after player! Repay them someday the 44th main story mission in St. Denis Dowd can be heard threatening the will! The victim ’ s Revolver is a lockbox with 90 dollars inside house, player. Encounters with the same man and asks if she can be encountered 16 times, the is! Has rented a room on the cheek '' and will gain honor then tells player! The treasure map and will order the player is traveling between Pleasance house and Twin rocks on January! Black prostitute named Daisy at Doyle 's tavern in Saint Denis fight in Valentine, a man a. A gun on you to Valentine, the O'Driscolls will start taunting tax collector and he will drown to! Rest for the first time he tagged in after I was fighting other. Defeat the other one for kissing his wife or attempted to murder his and! And once he finishes his conversation he 'll come pour you a free lock breaker four! Who we found help the hunter or do nothing black woman ) kidnapped had a approach! Re all just theories to burn the man will state that he then! It back outside of the Elders I and starts beating the man, will.
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