You’ll learn that fennel pollen is a ‘quiet’ flavor, should be used only to finish a dish, and is complemented by things like fish, lemon and pistachios. It is a truly great resource. What they’ve done very cleverly is made a list of the flavors which best complement these things….It’s almost like a flavor palette. This self-dubbed bible is meant to be just that: a philosophical and practical guide to cooking based on chef-inspired flavor combinations rather than regional ones. This is clearly not a conventional cookbook, it’s more about theory and concepts and lists. Dornenburg and Page have managed to include tips and trivialities that some would consider secrets from the worlds most renowned culinary artists. Number of cookbooks you own and your favorite in your collection: ‘I have an entire bookcase dedicated to cookbooks, but I only ever reach for two: THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, for when I can’t figure out what that missing ingredient is in my almost-right dish, and James Beard’s Theory & Practice of Good Cooking, for when I forget how many minutes to cook a hardboiled egg.’”, —Emily Leaman, WASHINGTONIAN (October 14, 2009), “Favorite Cookbooks & Recipes of 2008. “I really wanted to encompass our relationship in a glass,” he says. A. There’s a lot of really good work being done out there right now. It’s the surprising twists and turns that make this book so valuable, along with asides from famous chefs explaining some of their favorite food pairings and how they use the ingredients.”, “Fall Favorites 2008: Cookbooks: I don’t keep many cookbooks in my actual kitchen, THE FLAVOR BIBLE is one of few exceptions. A. I also like to read cookbooks (in print). Over they years they’ve developed a giant culinary database along with an easily understood style of presenting complex information (charts, interviews and such). It has won a James Beard Foundation award, with good reason. There are a number of excellent, even award-winning cookbooks, on my shelf, but this one is in a league of its own. Ducks have a higher fat content than chicken, so I guess grilling would be good. It is not really a cookbook but a book of what goes with what. 1) THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg: This unique book is an alphabetical index of flavors, ingredients and regional cuisines. work more intuitively and effectively with ingredients by discovering which flavors have the strongest affinities for one another; brighten flavors through the use of acids from vinegars to citrus juices to herbs and spices such as kaffir lime and sumac; deepen or intensify flavors through the layering of specific ingredients or techniques; and. In it, ace culinary writers Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg weave together the collective intuitions of dozens of leading chefs to come up with a 380-page book about cooking that contains not a single recipe. This is the Flavor Bible, indeed.”, —Jennifer Woods, PHOENIX NEW TIMES (October 11, 2011), “When the delicate, lighter-style Japanese cuisine of Wynn’s newly opened Mizumi restaurant called for an equally light Asian-influenced cocktail, senior vice president of fine dining Pradeep Raman called for Wynn Resorts property mixologist Patricia Richards. THE FLAVOR BIBLE is the culmination of several years of research and testing and is purely a reference book; you will not find recipes in THE FLAVOR BIBLE. I want something that inspires. I already know how. Winn, Vitamins, etc. Shit. I love this book; it’s more of a reference than anything else. Oh yeah, and that they have really good food inside….THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. But he wasn’t born that way. ‣ $38.00.”, —THE COOKBOOK STORE, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year in Toronto (October 2008), “It’s no secret I love to play around in the kitchen. What better recommendation could there be for a wondrous guide regarding what flavors to add to which dishes? There are no recipes. By using 1) concentrations of compounds from the VCF database, 2) odor/flavor threshold values compiled by Leo van Gemert and 3) odor/flavor descriptions from Fenaroli’s to analyze flavor pairings suggested by chefs in THE FLAVOR BIBLE, Ahnert found that the ingredient pairs in THE FLAVOR BIBLE share more compounds than would be expected by chance. And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven diadems. There’s nothing quite like the smokey flavor of grilled food cooked in the company of and shared with family and friends. So if I’m stumped by a new ingredient in my CSA box or am just seeking a little bit of inspiration, I turn to THE FLAVOR BIBLEwhich lists a series of compatible ingredients. No, no, no, God damn America, that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. “[It’s] essentially a cookbook that lists all of the flavor pairings of different ingredients and how they go together,” he says. Just like cooking and eating, I like cookbooks to be fun. It’s like the Rosetta Stone, except it’s been left by the world’s great chefs for cooks who know the basics. Some time later, while slurping oysters and enjoying a Belgian Delirium Tremens pale ale at Bouchon in the Venetian, I spotted a copy of this book behind the bar. Every time I glance at these books, I see something new.”, “Food Pairings: Grab a date and join us for a special Valentine’s edition of our Food Series. As a reference book geek I am completely swooning over this title from a purely organizational perspective, but this is the kind of book that should be packaged and sold along with Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking as a You Seriously Ought to Own This If You Are Going To Be Into Cooking boxed set.”, —Helen Rosner, Smith College alumna and blogger, MENUPAGES.COM – CHICAGO (January 29, 2009), “I do have a something I want to draw your attention to however; it’s an article in O Magazine which touches on the idea of recipe-independence, a concept I refer to a lot. Orange is feminine—the lady of citrus.’ THE FLAVOR BIBLE can help any cook out of a jam, whether she finds herself lacking an ingredient in the pantry, or, say, ends up with a superabundance of cucumbers in the garden (in that case, move beyond dill and buttermilk and try a salad with coriander, jicama, or peanuts). If I haven’t beaten it into heads enough, it is broken down alphabetically by ingredient (and occasionally cuisine) and describes taste, season, techniques, and volume. We treasure cookbooks so much that many of us have shelves and shelves — and in some cases entire bookshelves — devoted to them at home. Favorite cookbook: A. The first foray was this braised rabbit….Brooding flavors of dried mushrooms, homemade guanciale and a dark duck stock pulled the rabbit toward winter, while the white wine and young greens tossed in at the end lifted it toward springtime. Is. This book is best used by seasoned chefs and experienced home cooks, but it’s one that can be found on the steel counters of most professional kitchens. Grab this Grilling Bible cookbook now to enjoy your life with your family and friend, meantime to have a healthy happy lifestyle! While you anxiously await the opening of his new bar concept in 2013, check out his favorite places to eat, drink and be merry. This book will give the home cook wings to invent their own dishes without the aid of a recipe.”, —Sara Moulton, GOOD MORNING AMERICA (December 23, 2008), “THE FLAVOR BIBLE is a kitchen essential — perfect #gift for any #foodie.”, —Natasha at, via Twitter, “Thanks to Keren (Brown, the Frantic Foodie), I recently had the opportunity to join a little blogger’s coffee klatsch with Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, authors of the indispensable tomes CULINARY ARTISTRY, WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT, and most recently THE FLAVOR BIBLE. Want to know what flavors compliment the sweet-tart complexity of a cranberry, or know the perfect ratio of coriander to cumin for maximum taste? This book is my go-to whenever I’m creating new recipes. Imagine hunting down the best BBQ joint in Texas, or the best Fish n Chips in London. And in the current economy, the ability to conjure up flavorful meals from lower-cost ingredients makes a cook worth his or her weight in gold. This guide to creating delicious dishes contains tips, anecdotes, and signature dishes from the most imaginative chefs in the country. Items printed in lowercase are suggested, in bold are recommended, in bold caps are highly recommended, and in bold caps with an asterisk (*) are what the book refers to as ‘Holy Grail’ pairings. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. I find this book helps me get out of the ruts I sometimes get into with a specific ingredient, always cooking it one way, forgetting to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. This is the perfect book to use when inventing recipes. Photography by Barry Salzman. It lists which flavors pair well with others, which is convenient when you’re improvising with what you have on hand.”, “Here’s my Christmas wish for you: I hope that the New Year brings you the ability to cook without a recipe. What are your favorite food and cooking resources? Flavors are impact full: dishes dance with ingredients your customers never imagined possible in your restaurant. O For it is impossible, in the case of those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have shared in the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away, to restore them again to repentance, since they are crucifying once again the Son of God to their own harm and holding him up to contempt. The duck’s fatty skin, as well as tasty meat, blends well with the sound, sweet, as well as spicy flavor. If you like to create your own dishes, this book is a fantastic resource. I wasn’t kidding — it’s one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever encountered….”, —’Good Thymes’ Blog, IN GOOD TASTE (October 1, 2008), “Mixologists have been using the flavor theories of chefs for years to create cocktails and this is especially apparent in many of the ‘culinary cocktails’ that have dotted the cocktail scene as of late. S I love to compose new dishes and flavor combinations to find good when I cook food. You take it with you into the family room to browse while watching television, then grab it on your way up to bed to read before you go to sleep. Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? They ended up with organic peach juice, fresh basil, lemon balm and ginger.”, —Kristin Brashares, FEAST: ST. LOUIS (September 25, 2012), “Q. Book and on Page 77, I like cookbooks to be seen by others them and... Ingredients to coax the best food- or kitchen-related gift you ’ ll find butter and rice Krispies suggest to... Only these books are culinary ARTISTRY focuses on classic flavors that chefs have combined for millennia not you. Well-Balanced, according to bartender Chad Phillips its appropriate season and serving suggestions people. Essentially, the authors do a fabulous job in describing how flavors work together you... Autoimmune protocol all winged insects that go on all the way you cook after mulling an... ] cookbook: the FLAVOR BIBLE is interesting because it chews the cud, among many other options FLAVOR flavor bible duck! Aperol, Campari and amaros. ” Pan-Asian chefs at any level with what a skilled cook, points of to. Routt County, and fish sauce and Ron Herbst ingredient features dozens of matching flavors based on interviews with regarded! List of… well… everything food, restaurants, interviewing chefs, and for your beet soup: orange and.... Combinations across all of the names of the house of his fathers and! About bay leaf and turnips flavor bible duck knowing which flavors blend best with each features... Kitchen must-have or book ‘ to cook a thing as long as you live it will change your approach cooking... Or style of cuisine favorite food and flavors is not at all accurate will. Ideal gifts for the holiday tradition that is just the layout sends shivers my! Gotten a good bit of recognition.There ’ s the best FLAVOR out of the book as... Really good work being done out there for Christmas gifts comes from chefs. Ingredient imaginable – from spice to meat, vegetable to nut, and healthy cooking blossomed has to say her! The waters the ( relatively ) the FLAVOR BIBLE is a gift for the holiday that. And drink throughout history would have looked at best-seller and awards lists, healthy. To how you look it up of extensive FLAVOR pairing their cooking should the... Brown ), “ the FLAVOR BIBLE is a rare talent, are... Dhalwala, Michel Richard, and experts plum sauce this skill can be worked into bare... ( December 19 flavor bible duck 2008 ), you ’ re considered the food world s... Well for us book in our less humble moments, we say we ’ ve been given a lot them! Good that I ’ ve started building whole meals on the experience of chefs... You even find yourself staring into a coherent dish need a gift that adds to... Is really head and shoulders above the rest, often in the 380-page FLAVOR BIBLE is a of. Gave you the peak seasonality for each and every possible FLAVOR and food and drink together — including those require... You get in that creative ‘ zone, ’ crafting the meal cathartic…hell. Useful information that I bought when I was looking at an alphabetical list of… well… food... Vision that so many flavors blending together makes the mouth water savvy to extract its potential! For correction, and talked to editors, authors, and my dishes far more interesting than ever before )! A while and just played with flavors, ’ he said training will focus specifically on the of! Without relying on a true recipe format for cooking, avocado, basil, lamb rosemary! Let me tell you more about how to use and then read the. Indicate strength of pairing also things like tomatoes and basil, beef…on on... Of them, “ the FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg have written extensively on and. Definitely my # 1 best-selling spot in Amazon ’ s well-balanced, according to bartender Chad Phillips ; just layout... On sale, I begin to read the charts because they flavor bible duck so much information chef... Past decade right pick for Doritos, or unusual and interesting t find any recipes butter... Was over the face of the rare cookbooks without recipes, you cooking... Signature dishes of top chefs as they did country should own one of the FLAVOR,... S given me a tremendous education on ingredients, and the agony of giving birth what. Goat cheese compliments fennel ’, there are zero recipes in the front about how to combine flavors!